Banks Peninsula Wool Growers Ltd

The Banks Peninsula region boasts some of New Zealand’s most captivating scenery and abundant farms, and has been home to many of the farmers who make up our collective for more than a century.

Immensely proud of our heritage and passionate about what we do, we are focused on growing the value of our wool, as well as strengthening our farming community and upholding the sustainable farming practices that will ensure our Peninsula is kept beautiful for generations to come.


A recent initiative is the creation of a range of stunning designs that tell the story of this unique part of the world on stylish, contemporary wool rugs or wall hangings that can be produced to any size, colour, texture and shape.

These limited edition rugs are the end result of hard work and toil, a relentless commitment to the welfare of our animals, and a genuine connection with our market. They’re unique and representative of who we are and what we stand for, and reflect the journey from the farm to your floor.

Our success depends on delivering a product of unmistakably high quality. This we do, with a consistency that sets us apart.

Banks Peninsula Wool
Banks Peninsula Farm New ZealandWe are a group of 44 enthusiastic Banks Peninsula farmers united by a common goal: to grow the value of Banks Peninsula strong wool.

From Farm to Floor

A Superior Product

Nurtured by a unique combination of unyielding weather, fertile soil and careful farming practices, Banks Peninsula wool is remarkably strong, white and bright.

To create a truly niche product our natural wool meets rigorous overseas requirements. We have developed a unique quality assurance programme of our own. This incorporates initiatives such as improved clip preparation, a dip residue test, low pesticide use and sustainable farming practices that ensure that our strong wool is not simply good – it's the best.

The Banks Peninsula Farms Promise:

To supply premium quality products that are produced sustainably and can be traced all the way back to the farm gate.


Both the luxurious finish and the ongoing durability of our rugs (or wall hangings) rely on consistent supply of wool of the highest calibre to begin with. We source that wool from hardy Banks Peninsula genetics, bred for their strong, white, bright fleece.

Everything from animal health and land management to shearing times and an ability to adapt to fluctuating environmental conditions contribute to the quality of our wool, with all our farmers adhering to a strict quality assurance programme and the highest standards of animal welfare.


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Wool RugHand-crafted rugs that depict our story, designed by a local artist using our wool.